Jul 25, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Expenses

Expenses quoted in this section are current at the time of publication, however, fees and expenses may change. Students are therefore urged to view updated costs and policies at suny.oneonta.edu/office-student-accounts. Semester bills are issued in July for the Fall term and early January for the Spring term. Bills are available online at my.oneonta.edu.

Approximate Costs – Full-Time Students

(estimated as of May 2024)

Tuition: Per Semester  
  New York State Resident Undergraduate* $3,535.00  
  Non-Resident $8,745.00  
  Non-Resident (exclusively online enrollment)** $4,242.00  
Room (new student, includes laundry) $5,285.00  
Dining Plan $2,857.00  
Comprehensive Student Fee $899.00  
            Non-Resident Comprehensive Fee (exclusively online enrollment) $268.50  
Orientation Fee $237.00  
Non-billed costs:    
  Books and Supplies $600.00  
  Personal, Transportation, Miscellaneous $1,001.00  


Full-time student: a student enrolled for 12 or more s.h.
Part-time student: a student enrolled for fewer than 12 s.h.

* Resident: To qualify as a New York State resident for tuition purposes, the student must: be domiciled in New York State for a period of at least 12 months prior to registration; or have attended a New York State high school for two years or more, graduated and received a diploma, and applied for admission within five years; and/or meet other qualifications in accordance with guidelines established by the State University of New York. Students charged out-of-state tuition who are applying for in-state residency must submit a Residency Application by the last day of the semester add/drop period. Residency applications are available at the Student Accounts Office. Further information is available at Student Accounts Residency Information: suny.oneonta.edu/office-student-accounts/ny-residency-information.

** Non-resident online tuition rate:  this rate is only available to out-of-state students who are taking only online courses during a semester and have not resided in NY State during a given 12-month time frame.


The price of living on campus will be fixed for each entering class and will not be increased as long as the student lives in the residence halls. If at any time the student leaves the university for an approved academic reason (including, but not limited to, participation in an internship, study abroad program, student teaching, etc.), the original guaranteed room rate will apply upon their return. Current rate information is available at Residential Community Life.

Dining Plan

All resident students are required to purchase the Resident Dining Plan, providing unlimited access to Mills, Wilsbach, and Hulbert dining halls. The plan includes Retail Dining Dollars for use at other venues. A reduced rate option is available for Higgins Hall residents. Commuter students may choose from several retail-only options.

General Campus Fees

Comprehensive Student Fee

This mandatory composite fee supports student services, programs, and facilities including the Counseling, Health, and Wellness Center; intercollegiate athletic programs and facilities; technology services; designated student activities and local bus services. Detailed information about each fee, including waivers and exceptions, is available at Student Accounts.

Transcript Fee

This $5.00 fee is billed each semester and covers all transcript requests processed by the Registrar’s Office.

New Student Orientation Fee

All new and readmitted students must attend an orientation session. The New Student Orientation Fee is billed at the beginning of the student’s first semester of attendance. The fee supports all orientation activities as well as programs offered throughout the semester to assist new students with their transition.

Alumni Fee

The Undergraduate Alumni Fee is a voluntary payment of $18.50 per semester for four years and results in a Lifetime Membership in the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association. The Fee supports scholarships to undergraduate students, campus grants for student research, library acquisitions, academic excellence programs, networking events, professional development opportunities, alumni communications, and a variety of cultural, educational, and social programs that enhance our campus. Payment of the Undergraduate Alumni fee is also one of the criteria necessary to be considered for Alumni Association Scholarships.

Advance Deposits

Each student who accepts admission to SUNY Oneonta is required to pay an advance deposit of $100. This deposit is applicable to the first semester charges. Students who pay the admission deposit and then withdraw before May 1st are eligible for a refund of the deposit. Students admitted after April 1st must request a refund in writing within 30 days of the acceptance letter.

An additional advance deposit of $100 is required in order to request dormitory reservations. This deposit is applicable to first semester room charges.

Expenses for Part-Time Students

Tuition for New York State residents carrying fewer than 12 s.h. is $295 (estimate) per semester hour. For non-residents, tuition is $729 (estimate) per semester hour. All part-time students are required to pay the College Fee of $1.70 per semester hour, transcript fee of $5.00, and other fees as applicable to the number of credits.

Deferment of Expenses

Tuition, fee, room, and dining charges may be deferred based on Financial Aid eligibility as indicated on the Financial Aid Award Letter issued by the SUNY Oneonta Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (see Financial Aid ). Federal College Work Study salaries may not be deferred. Other credits may be deferred with documented approval such as Veterans Benefits, approved Private Student Loans, NYS College Savings Program confirmed withdrawals, and private scholarships.

Veterans Administration Payment Compliance

SUNY Oneonta complies with all billing, payment, and attendance practices as outlined in 38 USC 3679(e). See SUNY Oneonta Community  for more information.

Clearing the Bill and Payment Options

Each initial semester bill must be “cleared” by the due date. In order to clear the bill, the student must make appropriate payment and sign the billing Affirmation Statement to accept charges and authorize financial aid payments, if applicable. Clearing the bill is required to confirm enrollment and to activate financial aid disbursements, dining plan, housing placement, and other on-campus services. Class registration may be canceled for any student whose bill is not cleared by a published date before the start of the semester. Bills may be cleared by mail (check or credit card) or online (credit card or e-check) at my.oneonta.edu. Credit card payments are accepted from Mastercard, VISA, Discover, and American Express.

The Oneonta Installment Plan is available to families who wish to pay their semester bill in multiple installments. One-third of the total plus an installment fee of $22.50 is required by the initial due date. The final balance is due at mid-semester. Failure to meet payment deadlines prohibits eligibility for future semesters.

Other Fees

    Administrative Fee/Late Payment Fee $30
    Late Registration Fee $40
    Drop/Add Fee (late course changes) $20
    Returned Check Fee $20
  (personal checks are not accepted after two returns)

Course Fees - additional fees may apply to particular courses that require facilities or supplies unique to the course of study.

SUNY Oneonta reserves the right to establish and collect new fees or charges for services provided; any new charges established will appear in the next printing of this publication.

Student Internships

Standard tuition and fee rates apply to all approved student internships based on the number of registered credits.

Financial Aid Refunds

Students whose grant, loan, and scholarship payments exceed their semester billed charges may be eligible for a refund of excess payments to assist with other educational costs. SUNY Oneonta partners with BankMobile Disbursements to provide refund delivery options which include electronic delivery to a student bank account or BankMobile Vibe account. Students are required to select a delivery option. Further information and enrollment procedures are available here: suny.oneonta.edu/office-student-accounts/financial-aid-refunds.

Past Due Balances and Collection of Unpaid Debts

SUNY Oneonta reserves the right to place holds on records and services, which will prevent students from registering for future semesters until all financial obligations are met. SUNY institutions are authorized to utilize private collection agencies and the New York State Attorney General’s Office to collect outstanding student obligations at the end of each semester. Accounts referred for collection are subject to additional fees, interest, and court costs as appropriate.

Withdrawals from the University: Liability and Refunds

Liability for certain institution expenses begins on the first day of classes. Students who withdraw are entitled to refunds of personal funds paid according to the information below:

Tuition, Activity Fee, Alumni Fee, Athletic Fee, Health Fee, Student Life Fee, Technology Fee, Transportation Fee: There is a seven-day liability period beginning on the first day of classes. For example, if classes begin on a Wednesday and a student withdraws prior to the following Wednesday, the refund would be calculated based on the First Week percentage.

Withdrawal During

Amount Refunded (full semester course)

First Week 100%
Second Week 70%
Third Week 50%
Fourth Week 30%
Remainder of Semester None

A student’s liability for tuition and fees is calculated at the time the student completes the official withdrawal process. Simply not attending classes does not reduce or cancel liability.

College Fee: Refundable only if student withdraws prior to the first day of classes.

Course Fees: Refundable only if student withdraws during the first week of classes.

Room: If a student has registered and occupied a room, then withdraws during the first week of school, a daily rate will be charged. If a student withdraws during the second through fourth week of classes, 75% of the room charge will be refunded. A student who withdraws during the second quarter will receive a 50% refund. Students withdrawing on or after the second half of the semester begins will receive no refund.

Dining Plans: Refund policy is established by Oneonta Auxiliary Services. The policy provides for a prorated refund taking into account an administrative overhead cost incurred, and the number of weeks in the semester which have passed at the time the student leaves SUNY Oneonta. A student who withdraws from the University or is found academically ineligible to continue after the Fall semester and prior to the beginning of the Spring semester is not entitled to a refund for any unused declining balance amount. Similarly, any declining balance remaining at the end of Spring semester is forfeited. A copy of the refund policy is available by contacting O.A.S.

General: A student who is dismissed prior to the end of an academic semester shall not be entitled to any refund of tuition and fees paid to SUNY Oneonta.

Federal Aid Eligibility: Students are entitled to financial aid based on the percent of time in attendance. The unearned portion of aid will be calculated as of the day of withdrawal, returned to the aid program, and the student accordingly billed for any aid disbursed that was not earned. This calculation will occur whether a student officially withdraws or simply stops attending. Please consult the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for further information.