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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Expenses

Tuition and Other Fees

(Estimated as of May 2020)1

The Graduate Application fee is $50. Tuition is as follows:


New York Resident2


Exclusively Online Enrollment3

12 or more semester hours - Graduate (per semester)      
Tuition $5,770 $11,780 $6,926
Comprehensive Student Fee $603.75 $603.75 $265.50
Student Health Insurance4 $2,161 $2,161 $2,161
  $8,534.75 $14,544.75 $9,352.50
Graduate (per semester hour)      
Tuition $481 $982 $577

See Comprehensive Student Fee below

1 College charges for tuition and fees are subject to change without notice

2 Resident: To qualify as a New York State resident for tuition purposes the student must: be domiciled in New York State for at least 12 months prior to registration; or have attended a New York State high school for two years or more, graduated and received a diploma, and applied for admission within five years; and/or meet other qualifications in accordance with guidelines established by the State University of New York. Students charged out-of-state tuition who are applying for in-state residency must submit a Residency Application before the last day of the Add/Drop period. Residency applications are available at the Student Accounts Office.

3 This rate is only available to out-of-state students who are taking exclusively online courses during a semester and have not resided in NY State during a given 12-month period. 

4 All full-time students are billed for the College’s health insurance plan. Any student who has other coverage may opt out and remove the charge by completing a waiver (during the bill clearing process) by the published deadline, after which waivers will not be accepted.

Comprehensive Student Fee

This charge is comprised of several mandatory fees which support student services, programs, and activities as detailed below.

Activity Fee and Student Life Fee

These fees support a wide variety of Student Association-sponsored campus activities as well as local bus service. It is required for all students registered for nine or more credit hours.

College Fee

This fee is mandated by SUNY administrative policy and is required for all students. Part-time students pay a pro-rated charge by credit hour.

Health Fee

Charged to all students taking seven or more credit hours, this fee supports the operation of the Counseling, Health, and Wellness Center which offers a wide array of services to graduate and undergraduate students.

Technology Fee

Provides for continued improvement in computerized systems and services including e-mail, multi-media classrooms, library system improvements, general access computing labs, and remote network access. Pro-rated by credit hour for part-time students. A waiver application may be filed at the end of the term for students who feel that they have been unable to use any of the technological services offered.

Transcript Fee

This $5.00 fee is billed each semester and covers all official transcript requests through the Registrar’s Office.

Course Fees

Additional fees may apply to particular courses that require facilities or supplies unique to the course of study.

Calculating Tuition and Fees

The appropriate tuition rate is determined by a combination of student status and course level.

Graduate degree candidates are charged at the graduate rate.

Non-degree students pay tuition based on the course level as shown below:

100-499 level courses—undergraduate

500-699 level courses—graduate

Other Fees

Late Registration Late Add/Drop Late Payment Returned Checks
$40 $20 $30 $20*

*Personal checks will not be accepted after two returns.

Advance Deposits

Students who accept admission to a graduate degree program are required to pay an advance deposit of $100. This deposit is applicable to the first semester charges.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

All students are required to “clear” their bill by mail or via the web at my.oneonta.edu, on or before the first day of classes. A signed Affirmation Statement and appropriate payment must be submitted in order for the bill to be considered cleared. Failure to comply will result in a $30.00 late payment fee. Course registration may be cancelled if the bill is not cleared by published date.

Installment Plan Option

All students with a billed balance of $100 or more have the option of participating in the Oneonta Installment Plan. For a fee of $22.50 (which is non-refundable), payment may be made in three installments. The first payment is due the first day of the semester, and subsequent payments are due approximately four and eight weeks into the semester. Failure to meet payment deadlines prohibits eligibility for future semesters.

Deferment of Expenses

Tuition, fee, room, and dining charges may be deferred based on Financial Aid eligibility as indicated on the Financial Aid Award Letter issued by the SUNY Oneonta Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (see Financial Aid and Awards ). Federal College Work Study salaries may not be deferred. Other credits may be deferred with documented approval such as Veterans Benefits, approved Private Student Loans, NYS College Savings Program confirmed withdrawals, and private scholarships.

Veterans Administration Payment Compliance

SUNY Oneonta complies with all billing, payment, and attendance practices as outlined in 38 USC 3679(e). See The College Community  for more information.

Past Due Balances and Collection of Unpaid Debts

The College reserves the right to place holds on records and services, which will prevent students from receiving grades, transcripts, diplomas, and registering for future semesters until all financial obligations are met. SUNY colleges are authorized to utilize private collection agencies and the New York State Attorney General’s Office to collect outstanding student obligations at the end of each semester. Accounts referred for collection are subject to additional fees, interest, and court costs as appropriate.

Tuition Waivers

Students submitting Tuition Waiver Certificates or State University Employee Tuition Waivers as full or partial payment of their tuition must submit the waiver document when they return their bill with payment of applicable fees. The waiver will cover only the cost of tuition. The student is responsible for any associated fees.

Financial Aid Refunds

Students whose grant, loan, and scholarship payments exceed their semester billed charges may be eligible for a refund of excess payments to assist with other educational costs. The College partners with BankMobile Disbursements to provide refund delivery options which include electronic delivery to a student bank account or BankMobile Vibe account. Students are required to select a delivery option. Further information and enrollment procedures are available here: suny.oneonta.edu/office-student-accounts/financial-aid-refunds.



If a student withdraws before classes begin, a refund check will be issued for any overpayment. If students withdraw after the semester begins, tuition liability applies. For further details concerning refunds contact the Student Accounts Office.

Tuition/Fee Liability

Students who complete the withdrawal process before the first day of class will not be liable for any charges, and any monies paid will be refunded. Students who withdraw on or after the first day of classes will have liability. Tuition and fee liability is calculated based on the SUNY mandated schedule. On or after the first day of class of any course, students are liable at a minimum for the College Fee of $1.70 per credit hour. See Tuition Liability Schedule.

Note: A student’s liability for tuition and fees is calculated at the time the student completed the official withdrawal process. Simply not attending classes does not reduce or cancel liability.

Financial Aid Adjustments

Students are entitled to financial aid based on the percent of time in attendance. The unearned portion of aid will be calculated as of the day of withdrawal, returned to the aid program, and the student accordingly billed for any aid disbursed that was not earned. This calculation will occur whether a student officially withdraws or simply stops attending. Please consult the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for further information.