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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biochemistry, B.S. - 4-Year Degree Map

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First Year

Fall Credit   Spring Credit
BIOL 1002 - Cellular Perspectives in Biology    3   Gen Ed Elective  3
BIOL 1001 - Investigative Biology Laboratory   1   MATH 2230 - Calculus I   4
CHEM 1111 - General Chemistry I   4   CHEM 1121 - General Chemistry II   4
MATH 1050 - Pre-calculus   4   Biology selection by advisement 4
COMP 1000 - Composition   3      

Second Year

Fall Credit   Spring Credit
BIOL 2000 - Cell and Molecular Biology   4   BIOL 3100 - Molecular Biology   4
CHEM 2212 - Organic Chemistry I   4   CHEM 2222 - Organic Chemistry II   4
MATH 2240 - Calculus II   4   PHYS 2040 - General Physics II   4
PHYS 2030 - General Physics I   4   Gen Ed Elective 3
      Gen Ed Elective 3

Third Year

Fall Credit   Spring Credit
CHEM 4312 - Biochemistry I   4   CHEM 4322 - Biochemistry II   4
CHEM 3612 - Analytical Chemistry I   4   Chemistry selection by advisement  4
BIOL 3102 - Cell Biology   4   Gen Ed Elective  3
Elective 3   Gen Ed Elective and/or OCS Elective 3
      Elective 2

Fourth Year

Fall Credit   Spring Credit
CHEM 3510 - Physical Chemistry I   3   Chemistry selection by advisement  3
CHEM 3513 - Physical Chemistry I Lab   1   Elective 3
CHEM 4098 - Senior Undergraduate Seminar   3   Elective 3
Liberal Arts Elective 3   Elective 3
Elective 3      

Total Credits for Degree: 120 

Elective Key and Math Course Guidance

Gen Ed Elective: a course carrying one or more Gen Ed area attribute(s): Basic Communication (BC3), Mathematics (M3), American History (AM3), World Civilizations (OW3), Foreign Language (FL3), Social Sciences (SS3), Humanities (H3), The Arts (A3), Natural Sciences (NS3), Western Civilization (WC3). Elective courses and major courses carrying Gen Ed attributes apply toward SUNY Oneonta’s Gen Ed requirements .

OCS Elective: any course that carries an Oral Communication Skills (OCS) attribute. 

Liberal Arts Elective: any course that carries a Liberal Arts (LA) attribute. SUNY Oneonta’s minimum LA requirements  vary by degree award.

Upper Division Elective: any elective course numbered 3000 and above. All courses (required and elective) at this level apply toward SUNY Oneonta’s upper division requirement .

Upper Division Liberal Arts Elective: any course numbered 3000 and above that carries a LA attribute.

Elective: any course outside the major. Electives apply toward the total credits required by a degree program. Electives may also be needed to satisfy other degree requirements , including the minimum number of credits outside the department of the major.

Math Course Guidance

SUNY Oneonta recognizes that students enter college with different math backgrounds. For guidance on the math course(s) most suited to your preparation and program of study, visit the College’s Math Pathways site.

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