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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MUSC 3801 - Music Ensemble: Concert Band 1 s.h. - 2 s.h.

A study of selected musical works through large and small ensembles, both vocal and instrumental.  Designed to enhance appreciation and expression through the study and interpretation of musical styles, including relevant historical and cultural factors, for the chosen medium through practice and performance. Student responsibility will be dependent on credit and significant independent practice in addition to group rehearsal will be required, as balancing both individual and collaborative work will be another focus.  Students will: 1. Be knowledgeable regarding style and interpretation of music played; 2. Develop increased skill in music reading where appropriate; 3. Possess basic knowledge of harmony, rhythm, form, instrumentation and tone color; 4. Understand and respond to a variety of musical terms; 5. Be familiar with music literature studied by the ensemble and be able to identify the composer, the form of the music, and its style and period; 6. Be able to perform assigned parts satisfactorily with regard to style, rhythm, and pitch; 7. Be able to contribute to the overall quality of their section, as well as the entire ensemble; 8. Grow in the capacity to appreciate music; 9. Respect other ensemble members and their unique contributions; 10. Have an appreciation for organized teamwork and the goals of the group under the direction of the conductor or leader.  Pass/Fail Option. May be repeated for credit. Offered Fall and Spring.
Prerequisite(s): permission of instructor.