Aug 08, 2020  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDUC 236 - Reading and Literacy II 3 s.h.

This course is designed to build from the knowledge of language and literacy acquisition and development and the instructional skills and strategies introduced and practiced in EDUC 235 - Reading and Literacy I 3 s.h. . In the second literacy course, candidates cultivate a theoretical basis for practical, evidence-based literacy applications in elementary classrooms. Candidates study the teacher’s role in developing literacy and language arts, with an emphasis on a critical exploration of literature, technology, and other resources as guided by the New York State Common Core English Language Arts Standards. The focus is on instructional planning, classroom organization for literacy, and literacy assessment to meeting the literacy needs of diverse learners. Examination of content area reading and professional development are also explored. Content in this course is informed by the policies of the US Department of Education, the Race to the Top initiative, and the New York State Education Department. Offered Fall and Spring.
Prerequisite(s): SrS, successful completion of application to candidacy.